Hey, I’m Chelsea.

I love connecting with people, and showing you the beauty that is sometimes hidden amidst the messy chaos of life.

I have four kids (and two dogs) and my life can also be messy, chaotic and sometimes even downright nuts.

Photos remind us that even though life can be hard--it is also amazing and beautiful too.

I would love to show you the beauty in your likely imperfect, probably chaotic, sometimes messy life. Whether that is during your senior year of high school, right after having a baby, family photos or films, or even for your business branding and headshots.

Education is very important to me. I am always learning new things and seeking new avenues for creativity and inspiration. I attend annual workshops and monthly online classes and courses to make sure that I am bringing my very best to every single shoot.

When I am not busy taking or editing pics, taking classes, or planning my next big trip you will find me walking my German Shepherd Maya (with my current fave podcast in my ear—usually a crime podcast so don’t ever sneak up on me from behind), lifting at the gym, carpooling to a million different activities with my kids, binge watching Netflix shows, or painting my newest Goodwill Furniture Find.  I am also  always up for a Diet Coke.

Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or email me for more info.  I always respond to inquiries and questions within 24 hours. I can't wait to show YOU how beautiful and amazing you and your children are!

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