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I am Chelsea. I would love to chat with you about taking photos of you and/or your family. Fill out the form here and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

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More about me:

I have four kids (and a giant, fluffy German Shepherd) and my life can be messy, chaotic and sometimes even downright nuts. I think that is why I love connecting with people, and showing you the beauty that is sometimes hidden amidst the messy chaos of life.

Photos remind us that even though life can be hard--it is also amazing and beautiful too.

Can I show you the beauty in your likely imperfect, probably chaotic, sometimes messy life through pictures? I believe I can. From high school seniors, newborn babies, toddlers and salty tweens to starting my own business and needing headshots and branding photos. I have seen it all personally, I have felt that feeling of overwhelm and wondered if I was doing it right. But, when I look at a photo of my son snuggling on me or one of my girls, or I see how much the kids love their dog, or whatever it might be…the rough edges of day to day life fade out and I see the beauty again.

When I am not busy taking or editing pics, taking classes or traveling to another photography workshop, I am walking my dog Maya (while listening to a crime podcast—so don’t ever sneak up on me from behind). You might also find me lifting at the gym, carpooling to a million different activities with my kids, binge watching Netflix shows, or painting my newest Goodwill Furniture Find.  I am also  always up for a Diet Coke. (Note: that is in bold for a reason).

Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or email me for more info.  I always respond to inquiries and questions within 24 hours. I can't wait to show YOU how beautiful and amazing you and your children are!