A few of my favorite things

As a full-time mom, photographer, blogger, hobbyist, home decor lover, friend, etc. I have accumulated a handful of things I just absolutely can't live without.  Want to know what things I need to survive my crazy life?  Come back often as I update this page with new items.  Things I put on this page will change your life either as a mom, photographer, or maybe even as a human being. :)

These links go to Amazon or wherever I myself purchased listed item unless I spot a better deal for said item elsewhere (feel free to contact me if you find something listed for a better price and I will add to the list!).  Some of the links will be affiliate, but not all.  I promise I will NEVER post anything unless I have tried it and love it!

Instant POt.JPG

Instant Pot

The thing I love about this device the absolute most is that if I am just getting home from my usual crazy, I can put FROZEN chicken breasts in here and a delicious dinner can be served in less than a half an hour.  Not having to defrost meat is a game changer for me.

dip cups.jpg

plastic cups with lids

I hesitate to even put this on the list, because it is kind of random, but honestly these are the best for putting ranch in a container so your kids will eat their veggies at lunch.  I like to keep my salad dressing in one of these to put on my salad later so it doesn't get soggy. Also great to put nuts, seeds or raisins in for future use.  I use these almost every day when packing lunches for myself or my kids.


dry shampoo

Everyone who knows me at ALL, knows how much I ADORE dry shampoo.  I have a ton of hair and not having to wash it every day seriously was life changing.  I have had a few favorites over the years, but this is my current number 1.



Since I have zero sense of direction, and I am 100% dependent upon my GPS to get me pretty much anywhere (except for maybe Target), this magnetic car mount is hands down the best hands free car mount I have ever used.  I have tried probably 900,000 different car mounts and with the curve and angle of my window and the amount of space available on my dash, nothing ever stays up.  This magnet is POWERFUL and I don't even have to wiggle it into a clip on thing, I just set it on the magnet and in less than a second I am on my way.  Well, after I plug in my destination on Google Maps of course!