Series Part 2: Senior Boy Tips for Successful Posing

Who says taking senior portraits of reluctant boys has to be difficult? Read below for my top five poses for boys.

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Jace - In front of Fence 8X10 Platinum.jpg

Behind the Fence Pose

There is some safety for reluctant teens when they have space or a barrier between themselves and the camera.

Jace - red and white shirt steps.jpg

Sitting on Steps

I have yet to have a portrait of a boy looking up at me while sitting on stairs not be a keeper. Smiles are not necessary, and they automatically assume a comfortable position with their arms.

Bench look away laugh platinum.jpg

Get Mom's Help

If Mom, a friend, or a sibling can come along for the photoshoot have them engage with the teen. It is always easier to smile and laugh in a direction other than at the camera!


The Lean & Look

The Lean and Look pose keeps boys comfortable b/c it gives them something to do with their arms, which is often every model's biggest issue. It is very natural to conversationally lean on something which puts them at ease and it also creates another barrier between them and the dreaded camera.

White button up platinum.jpg

The Squat

I am sure there are a million better sounding titles for this pose, but it is another favorite. It requires the teen to look up at you which is always flattering and again it gives them a convenient place to put those arms.