Holiday Mini Session Frequently Asked Questions

Christmas is around the corner and the weather is meh, and if you are like me, your list of things you need to get done is already growing. If you want to get the whole family together for one quick shot for your annual holiday card, but you don't want to spend full price because you really just need that ONE photo, let me help cross one thing off the list, painlessly and at an affordable price. 

After multiple requests, I am very excited to announce my first (and only) mini session of the year.  

I have partnered up with Plumper Pumpkin Patch and Tree Farm for a one-day-only mini session event on November 17th, from 8am-3:30pm.  Spots are very limited so if you would like to book a session, please email me right away.  The day will be divided into three time slots and each slot will have a different background location around the farm to add variety.  Some props/seats/benches will be available for you to choose from or you are welcome to bring your own, if desired.

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  • Will you be doing any other mini sessions this year?

    • No, as of now, I plan to do one mini session every year right before Thanksgiving for the holiday card.  I do not currently intend to offer mini sessions again during the year.

  • Can I pay when I get there?

    • No, for many reasons, payment is due when you book and confirm your time slot.

  • How do I know what times are available?

    • If you are interested in scheduling, I will send you an option of three chunks of time that day and you can give me your general time preference.  Before paying, signing the contract and officially booking, I will let you know the specific time for your family.

  • What happens if I am running late?

    • I totally get it, it is hard to wrangle everyone together in time for just about anything, but unfortunately, with the tightly scheduled nature of mini sessions, your time will be as listed, and if you are five minutes get five minutes less shooting time.  Please, please plan to arrive early so this doesn't become a problem.  

  • What if it is raining?

    • We live in Oregon.  It will very likely rain here in November.  Plan on rain and be pleasantly surprised if it is sunny.  We will do your session rain or shine unless it is like pitch black and we have lightning, earthquakes and tornados.

  • Can I cancel and get a refund?

    • With the limited number of spots available for mini sessions, I have less flexibility in offering refunds.  However, if I am able to fill your time slot in time with another session, your money will be refunded.  If not, the amount is non-refundable.  Please make sure and check your calendar and schedule ahead of time so that this does not become an issue.

  • How much does it cost?

    • For $99 you get a gallery of all of your images (as many pictures as I can take of your family or group in the 15 minute time slot).  You can choose from that gallery one photo you would like for me to edit and you to download with print rights for your holiday card.    

  • What if I want more than just the one photo I paid for?

    • If there are more images you want from your gallery to download, you can purchase print/download rights at $30/image.  This is still a substantial savings from my regular family session price.

  • Can you just do our Christmas card for us?

    • Actually, yes!  That is a service I offer through my print lab.  It is a $100 design fee, and the cards are $1/card to print as many as you would like.

  • What should we wear?

Any other questions?  Do not hesitate to email me with specifics!