Brilliant Newborn Photo Pics: Everything You Need to Own For a Baby PhotoShoot

Newborn photography is an art form not many photographers can master.  It requires a ton of patience, a comfort level with infants and a large array of gear and props.  When I first started taking newborn pictures, I would scrounge up stuff from around my house and the client's home and it would take forever to collect my things and then put it all away after.  As my client list grew, I decided it was no longer serving me to scramble before every portrait session and I started investing in some go-to props.  Don't feel like you need to go out and buy all of this today, but start a little collection and accumulate as you go.  If you see pictures with a prop you love, be on the look-out for those items.

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Vinyl Backdrop Floordrop Props are SO much fun, SUPER affordable, and roll up into a tube so they take up very little storage space (as a photographer we are ALWAYS looking for low maintenance props!).  This Etsy Vendor has over 200 options and has 1500 positive reviews.  I love the Old White Wood versions the best, but tons of fun variations to choose from.

One more backdrop option, just because I really love this vendor.  I am embarrassed to admit the number of backdrops I own, there are just so many fun options to choose from!!

Newborn Baby Cheesecloth Wraps.  I honestly think this might be the best purchase you can make as a newborn photographer.  These cheesecloth wraps really give you SO many options for adding color to your images.  There are so many colors, definitely get at least one for girls and another for boys and a cream colored one b/c I really love newborns wrapped in a neutral color!  Again, this item has nearly 8000 positive reviews and has free shipping if you spend $35 in the US. 

Similar to the cheesecloth wraps, but for a different look, are these adorable stretch jersey wraps.  This will give you a more snug wrap, and comes in a sets with a bunch of different color options.  These have almost 300 positive reviews and this vendor also sells seriously adorable hats and tie backs that you really need to check out.

Newborn Photography Starter Kit.  This includes a bean bag, backdrop stand and everything you would need to get started for on-location studio set-ups.  I have not personally purchased this kit yet, but it is on my wish list.  It is very reasonably priced, has over 300 positive reviews and looks like the perfect kit for starting your newborn photography business.

Wooden bench Photo Prop.  This little bench makes for some of the cutest newborn pictures.  The curve of the bench makes the newborn nestle in the most perfect little pose.  This is an extra item, and certainly is NOT a necessity, but if you are looking for some go-to prop ideas, I highly recommend getting this or something similar.

These are a game changer when it comes to newborn photography.  Ever set up the perfect pose only to start taking pictures and realize you can hardly see the baby's face, or maybe it would be so much cuter if his bum was up just a little bit higher?  Ever wish you could push up just a smidge under baby's little chin?  When I discovered these little mini pillows and what they could do for easy newborn posing positions, it really upped my game in my ability to take newborn pictures.

The last prop I can't make this list without mentioning is cute hats and headbands.  I am in LOVE with all of the options Etsy Sellers provide for some of the cutest handmade hats and flowered crowns, bows, etc.  Just looking at these options makes me excited for my next newborn photoshoot!