Complete Guide to Basic Photography Classes--Limited Availability

Did you get a new DSLR camera for Christmas?  Or have you had a big fancy camera for months (or, gasp, YEARS) and you still don't know how to really use it?  Maybe you have been trying to take great pictures of your babies, your toddlers, your child's birthday parties and sports events but they end up dark, blurry, or otherwise not how you imagined.  It has happened to the best of us.

I am a firm believer that ANY picture is better than NO picture because even a grainy out of focus photo of a lost loved one or a special memory is far better than no documentation at all.  HOWEVER, I love a well-lit image that captures a memory and tells a story.  It really speaks to me in a way that a good recipe speaks to a chef or a well-composed song speaks to a musician.  There is something magical about a special someone or an unforgettable moment caught beautifully in a photo.  

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If you are interested in hanging your OWN photos up on your wall, or in taking your own milestone images of your children and family, or in creating your own business marketing materials for your social media accounts but have no idea how to get out of auto mode or you find yourself using your phone instead of your expensive camera to take pictures and you live in Portland, Oregon...consider taking a beginner level photography class with me. (If you don’t live close by, I HIGHLY recommend going to Creative Live for one of a hundred different online class options).

I have a couple of options for making this course super affordable (aka: FREE) for you.  If you HOST a "Photography 101" course party in your home, you can get the course for FREE (if three or more friends join you).  Once three friends are booked and have paid for the party, your class is free!  Classes are a million times more fun with friends, people generally prefer to be in a comfortable home rather than a stuffy classroom, and parties are so much more fun than "class", probably because food is usually involved. ;)  I will bring the course materials and provide you with invites to share with your friends, etc., you just provide a quiet, uninterrupted space with appropriate seating and snacks.

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If you aren't interested in hosting, you can STILL get your fee reduced by half if you get a group of three or more people to join you and I will give you dates for available classes you and your friends can join together.

What will you learn in this 2-hour Beginner's Course?

  • What the different modes are of your camera and what each one does and why you should use them.

  • What is shutter speed and how does it affect action shots (sports, moving toddlers, etc.)

  • What is aperture and how does it affect the depth of field in your image (think blurry backgrounds or everything in focus)

  • What is ISO and how does it help you get better pictures indoors?

  • How to use the exposure triangle: Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO to your advantage in different circumstances to capture the memory you are trying to create.

  • There will be live instruction (aka: me), 

  • Print-outs to visually see and take notes on what you learn so you won't forget when the course is over, 

  • Just a little bit of homework to be turned in after the class is over and evaluated by me and your peers for further understanding of concepts taught in class (optional).

  • Facebook Group with other students that gives you direct access to me with questions, and to post pictures for feedback from me and other students in the classes within the group.

  • The Beginner's Course is required to advance to additional courses.

How much does the 2 hour beginner course cost?

$199/person if class has 1-3 people (You get the class free if you host, but everyone else pays $199)

$149/person if class has 4-6 people. (You get the class free if you host, but everyone else pays $149)

$99/person if class has 7+ people. (You get the class free if you host, but everyone else pays $99)

Free if you host at your home.

$99 for you if you don’t host, but you get three friends to sign up with you (friends pay in the same tier pricing as above).

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Can't wait to help you get images you are proud of and to dust off that expensive camera of yours.  You won't regret it!

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