Bone Broth Cleanse

After two straight weeks of reckless eating, my body is ready for some changes.  I am pretty certain I could go 9 days straight without eating and not even feel hungry.  Time to bust this crazy out!  One of my roommates from BYU and closest friends is both a life coach and weight loss guru and she is working with me for the next three months to get my eating, exercising and head back in focus and where I want it to be.  For the sake of accountability, I will occasionally be updating you on how this program is working for me.  To begin, the next five days I am doing a bone broth cleanse.  It looks something like this:

Lemon water in the morning.

Veggies. Unlimited.  Luckily, fat is allowed b/c I can't eat veggies without a little butter!

Bone broth: 8-16 oz throughout the day.  I have been told that Costco has a super fabulous brand of bone broth, I am on a mission to find that later today.

As I progress farther along in the cleanse, I add a little protein and some carbs around my workouts.  

Go check out Melissa's website: she is seriously a weight loss, mental health NINJA!!

Update: I am also trying a Detox Cleanse mostly because it had such great reviews on Amazon.  Clearly, I may have overdid it a little this holiday season!