Balancing Life as a Mom, Author, and Lava Cone Bicyclist

I am always inspired by women who after having children, find a path for creativity and success. Keira Dominguez, a friend and author, is just one of those inspirations. In the midst of raising 5 children, she published her first of what fans hope will be many regency romance novels.

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Capturing Impeccable Headshots -- Valuable Secrets to Know

Headshots are a critical piece of many professional’s PR packets. A dynamic headshot for models, actors,

and other performance professionals may very well be the difference between acquiring the gig or not.

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15 Proven Wardrobe Tips that Guarantee Success in Family Photos

Coordinating outfits can be the most fun part of getting your family portraits taken, or it can be the biggest headache.  I personally love the puzzle of coordinating everyone (though no one in my family appreciates my efforts on this...and often times I will buy something--for my boys in particular--that is worn JUST for the family photo and never worn again.  Totally worth it, IMHO).

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