Series Part 3: Senior Boy 10 Tips To Look Your Best (Even if You Are a Hater)

Okay Fellas, I get it.  You hate having your picture taken. You can pretend you don’t care, go on, keep pretending. I promise your secret is safe with me.  HOWEVER, you will look back on these pictures for the next 20 plus years, and since you have to do it, let’s go ahead and DO THIS RIGHT. 

Here are 10 tips to keep Mom happy and not bring total shame to your wife and children in the years to come (since we know you obvs don’t care…wink wink).

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Series Part 1: Senior Boy Tips for Success with Difficult Teens

Seniors are one of my favorite subjects to photograph.  Usually, they are excited and willing to participate in all of my crazy (innovative!) posing positions.  However, occasionally you get the wild card kid who REALLY hates having their picture taken.  This is part 1 of my series of tips for successfully photographing the less-than-enthusiastic teen client.  

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