Capturing Impeccable Headshots -- Valuable Secrets to Know

Headshots are a critical piece of many professional’s PR packets. A dynamic headshot for models, actors,

and other performance professionals may very well be the difference between acquiring the gig or not.

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Personal & Professional Brand Photography (Why Every Business Needs This)

Personal branding is marketing YOU.  As an entrepreneur using social media, blogs, or a website, you must gain visibility through high quality images that represent who you are and what makes YOU the person they should choose. Grow your business with great storytelling images that help you stand out, gain more followers, book more clients, and sell more product.  

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Kitchen and Bath Designer Professional Headshots

The Z Design Showcase unveiling on Thursday, April 19th from 4-7pm for Design Week Portland. Here is a link with more information about Design Week Portland. Be sure to mark your calendars because from the little bit I got to see during our photo shoot, there will be a LOT of great inspiration for your next home, kitchen, bathroom, and tile projects.

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