Next Level Senior Photos: A Dog, A Classic Ford Bronco and an Epic View

I count myself pretty lucky I got to take this handsome guy’s photos this year. Not only is he a super nice guy, but his little brother was equally adorable, and his mom is one of my favorite humans. They brought their sweet puppy, Marlie and all my dreams came true when they showed up with their Classic Ford Bronco, CONVERTIBLE. Ummm…yes, please!

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Senior Graduation Checklist: Grad Party Invites

If you are reading this and have a senior, or soon to be senior, I am making us both a list and giving suggestions for ways to simplify all the details.  I get to do this three more times for my next three kids, so I will hopefully be a graduation NINJA by the time my youngest graduates.

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Series Part 3: Senior Boy 10 Tips To Look Your Best (Even if You Are a Hater)

Okay Fellas, I get it.  You hate having your picture taken. You can pretend you don’t care, go on, keep pretending. I promise your secret is safe with me.  HOWEVER, you will look back on these pictures for the next 20 plus years, and since you have to do it, let’s go ahead and DO THIS RIGHT. 

Here are 10 tips to keep Mom happy and not bring total shame to your wife and children in the years to come (since we know you obvs don’t care…wink wink).

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