Essentials When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

With the iPhone and the New Age Art of everyone on the planet taking pictures these days, you might feel like you can ask your roommate or your friend with the best Aesthetic on Instagram to be your wedding photographer.  If that kind of gamble isn't your thing, however, I put together a list of 5 Essential Things to Look for When Choosing a PROFESSIONAL photographer.
Make your special day sparkle with elegant sophistication.Send your guests home with favors that are tasteful and practical. They will forever remember your wedding thanks to these beautifully designed styles.
When wedding bells are ringing--and they're yours--you hope everyone will hear them! If you want the glorious music of your wedding day not only to last, but to ring far and wide, give each of your guests a wedding bell wedding favor to take home!
In Asia, where wind and wood have very special meanings, hand fans are artistically designed and made with particular care. As a fine wedding favor and a distinctive gesture of thanks for your guests, hand fans are perfect for any wedding.