March mini Session Details

The portrait session will be between 15-20 minutes long.  Please be prepared when I come as this needs to be quick!  If you prefer to do the portrait session at my house instead, indicate in the form below. 

You will get a free viewing gallery of all of the unedited and watermarked photos shortly after the session.  If there is a photo that you particularly love from your gallery, email me after viewing and indicate which picture it is and I will edit and give you a full resolution, downloadable jpeg with print release for $30/image. 

This is risk free, if you don't love the pictures, no need to buy any and you still get access to the viewing gallery to share with your friends and family after!

Again, ZERO pressure, only if you have the time and are interested in letting me try out my hopefully soon to be new camera this weekend.


Please fill out the form below with the time and day you prefer.  

Name *
Friday or Saturday *
Friday or Saturday
Please indicate if Friday or Saturday works best for you.
Time First Preference *
Time First Preference
Please indicate what time on Friday or Saturday you could have me come over.
Time Second Preference
Time Second Preference
In case your first time choice is already taken.
Time Third Preference
Time Third Preference
In case your first and second choice is already taken.
Who will be here for the photo? If you prefer to come to my house for the photoshoot instead of me coming to your house, that is also an option. Just let me know here. Thank you!