welcome to chelsea Nicholle photography!

Hey there!  If you are here, you are looking for a photographer.  Maybe you need professional pictures for your graduating senior, your newborn, or you just need to update the wall with pictures that aren't from the 1990's.  

Getting professional photos checked off your busy list can be a daunting task.  From finding a photographer you like, picking out outfits, scheduling a time and day that actually works, to not strangling one of your more excitable children on your way to the designated location...it can be complicated.  I totally get it.  I don't want to be one more thing in your life, but I do want you to get photos you love hanging beautifully on your wall and killing it with "likes" on your Instagram feed.  Even the child you want to strangle will be lovable when you look at their pictures later.  I promise. Get good pictures and save a life. It works, trust me.

As a mom of four kids and one dog (still working on my husband to let me get one more), I love, okay, I am obsessed with checklists.  It is the only way I get anything done and get everyone to all of the zillions of places they need to be on time (or mostly on time). 

I will walk you through this process step by step to eliminate the overwhelm and have you enjoying your images for years to come.  Together, we will make sure we get the location, day, time, outfits, prints, and digital files you love and allow you to cross this bad boy off your ever-growing list and have you moving on to more exciting things like online shopping, pedicures, or getting a Diet Coke with a friend (okay that is MY exciting list). 

But most importantly, let's get the 1990's prints off the wall...ammIrighttt? ;)

Contact me today to get started!

Chelsea is such a great, patient photographer! She’s so good and relaxed with kids of all ages. She made senior pictures with my 17 year old son way less painful than it could have been, and family pictures were super quick because she’s organized. Thanks, Chelsea!
— Season Tanuvasa
Yesterday Chelsea did a photo session with me in preparation for a book I will be publishing soon. It was so much fun! Chelsea is very professional but also puts one at ease. Many of us are not comfortable having our photos taken, especially when we are the only one in them! I was nervous ahead of time, but it just took moments for me to relax and enjoy “the ride”. Thanks, Chelsea Nicholle Photography!
— Pamela Brown Wilkinson
Chelsea is good at what she does. Her photography of youth captures them in more of a natural, fluid way then a contrived, posed way. She managed to take endearing variety of pictures of my son who hates getting his picture taken. He actually enjoyed the experience.
— Tamara Donithorne