Don't Blink Photography Workshop

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Don't Blink Photography Workshop


Don’t Blink. LIfe goes faster than you think. (Thank you for the quote Kenny Chesney).

If you’ve ever looked at the images you take from your expensive, new camera and wonder why this expensive thing isn’t giving you better results, keep reading. Imagine creating a photo that takes you back to those favorite moments with your children that seemed like yesterday. But you blinked, and now those kids are teenagers. Or in my case, in college.

I love that the images I have taken over the years are on my walls to look at and remind me of days gone by. I want to teach you how to create photos that you’re proud to hang on your walls!

I will help train your eyes to become like little shutters and make you more confident in using your DSLR, so you can quickly execute that shot to remember when in the moment. You don’t have to worry about missing a milestone or forgetting a special memory. You can blink and if time goes by, you still have that memory safe and sound on a hard drive or better yet up on your wall or in an album.

With limited seats available, these seats sell out quickly. Reserve your seat today!

Next Class is Thursday, February 28th at 10:30am

What this 2 hour Workshop is about:

» Easy to implement today topics such as light, composition, seeing photo opportunities, and discovering the things you want to capture - all things you can do without camera knowledge to improve your photos fast

» Basic Gear - what’s out there, what’s affordable

» Why shoot in manual mode? Brief explanation of the exposure triangle: Shutter, Aperture, ISO

» Overcoming, ‘But my kid won’t let me take their photo!’ Taking candid photos to evoke memories and tell a story.

» Approx 30 minutes of shooting practice and Q & A

» 5-8 ladies max to allow for ample time for each individual. This class is paired best with your bestie & an ice cold Diet Coke. If this date doesn’t work for you, consider hosting your own workshop with me and earn your seat for free. Email to set it up.

» Fun! We’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and most importantly, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to photograph those everyday memories of your family.

What this class isn’t:

This workshop is not about the business end of photography or how to start your photography business. We will not discuss professional photography vendors for print products.

» This workshop does not cover post-processing techniques. I recommend a one on one mentoring session with me for editing help.

» This workshop doesn’t not cover posing or prop/backdrop set ups. That is something else that can be done in a 1-1 mentoring session.

Take Home:

» New friendships with other area mom photography enthusiasts

» Invitation to private Facebook group for Workshop Attendees for support, questions, & to post photos showing off what you’ve learned!

» BONUS MATERIAL: 3 Day Photography Challenge where I critique your images ($250 value)

Can’t make it or sold out too quickly?

Sign up here to be notified about the next workshop OR email me to learn about hosting your own workshop (you invite your friends, your seat is free)

What to Bring:

» Your camera (a camera with manual settings is required), a notebook/pen, a positive attitude » Your camera manual

Cancellation Policy: Seats are non-refundable, however, you may transfer your seat to someone else should you end up being unable to attend.

Add To Cart

Once three friends are booked and have paid for the party, your class is free!  Classes are a million times more fun with friends, people generally prefer to be in a comfortable home rather than a stuffy classroom, and parties are so much more fun than "class", probably because food is usually involved. ;)  I will bring the course materials and provide you with invites to share with your friends, etc., you just provide a quiet, uninterrupted space with appropriate seating and snacks.

If you aren't interested in hosting, you can STILL get your fee reduced by half if you get a group of three or more people to join you and I will give you dates for available classes you and your friends can join together.

What will you learn in this 2-hour Beginner's Course?

  • What the different modes are of your camera and what each one does and why you should use them.

  • What is shutter speed and how does it affect action shots (sports, moving toddlers, etc.)

  • What is aperture and how does it affect the depth of field in your image (think blurry backgrounds or everything in focus)

  • What is ISO and how does it help you get better pictures indoors?

  • How to use the exposure triangle: Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO to your advantage in different circumstances to capture the memory you are trying to create.

  • There will be live instruction (aka: me), 

  • Print-outs to visually see and take notes on what you learn so you won't forget when the course is over, 

  • Just a little bit of homework to be turned in after the class is over and evaluated by me and your peers for further understanding of concepts taught in class (optional).

  • Facebook Group with other students that gives you direct access to me with questions, and to post pictures for feedback from me and other students in the classes within the group.

  • The Beginner's Course is required to advance to additional courses.

How much does the 2 hour beginner course cost?

$199/person if class has 1-3 people (You get the class free if you host, but everyone else pays $199)

$149/person if class has 4-6 people. (You get the class free if you host, but everyone else pays $149)

$99/person if class has 7+ people. (You get the class free if you host, but everyone else pays $99)

Free if you host at your home.

$99 for you if you don’t host, but you get three friends to sign up with you (friends pay in the same tier pricing as above).