Thelin Family Welcomes Beautiful Newborn Baby Boy

It is no secret I love doing newborn photo shoots. Between the newborn snuggles and getting to know proud moms and dads (that I almost always want to become best friends with after meeting), and the little bit of chaos that young children bring into lifeā€¦it just breathes a little life and happiness into me.

Believe it or not, I really miss the younger kid crazy phase of life.

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Complete Guide to Basic Photography Classes--Limited Availability

Did you get a new DSLR camera for Christmas?  Or have you had a big fancy camera for months (or, gasp, YEARS) and you still don't know how to really use it?  Maybe you have been trying to take great pictures of your babies, your toddlers, your child's birthday parties and sports events but they end up dark, blurry, or otherwise not how you imagined.  It has happened to the best of us.

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15 Proven Wardrobe Tips that Guarantee Success in Family Photos

Coordinating outfits can be the most fun part of getting your family portraits taken, or it can be the biggest headache.  I personally love the puzzle of coordinating everyone (though no one in my family appreciates my efforts on this...and often times I will buy something--for my boys in particular--that is worn JUST for the family photo and never worn again.  Totally worth it, IMHO).

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Brilliant Newborn Photo Pics: Everything You Need to Own For a Baby PhotoShoot

Newborn photography is an art form not many photographers can master.  It requires a ton of patience, a comfort level with infants and a large array of gear and props.

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Leaving The Country: Travel Checklist For a Costa Rica Vacation

Remember how I don't like to go anywhere farther away than Target?  

Lest, you think I am just one of those moms of four kids who works out and then doesn't shower for three hours while taking care of "just one more thing" (Give a Mouse a Cookie...) at the expense of all house cleaning, laundry and food prep, I am flying to COSTA RICA next week!  All. By. Myself.  

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8 Valentine's Day Must Have Photo Ideas

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite random, expensive and totally unnecessary holidays.  I get all heart eyes when I look at the creative ways to celebrate this holiday with pictures. So many fun and creative ideas!

Click on the links below each image to be taken to the original source to see even more eye candy photo inspiration.

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Before and After: Photoshop Tutorial on Digital Backgrounds

The videos from yesterday did not disappoint.  I think this is an edit even someone fairly new to Photoshop could tackle.  I did not use the magic wand tool as was suggested in the Phlearn video just b/c I am more comfortable with the Quick Selection Tool.  I did use the Refinement Brush for the wisps of hair as was suggested and otherwise followed the tutorials as outlined.

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