Chloe Cozzocrea in Kaiser Woods

Occasionally you get a gem of a session where the lighting is perfect, the location is dreamy and your senior just KILLS it.

Chloe was that occasion! Since we had never met before, I came into this session only knowing Chloe based on the answers to her Client Questionnaire. I was immediately excited when we finally met by her graceful presence, witty intelligence and easy smile. Oh, and she was gorgeous. I KNEW this was going to be a killer Senior Session!

Chloe graduated early from high school using the early college graduation program and will be attending Oregon State in the fall and hopes to get a degree in Biology. Senior pictures were a little bit of an afterthought because she isn’t even in the yearbook! I am sooo glad she and her mom opted to still make photos a priority though. Senior photos symbolize the closing of a big chapter of life and represent the change that comes from opening the next big chapter of adulthood. I might be biased (not just b/c I am a photographer, but also because I have four kids who are growing up WAY too fast), but I am fairly confident that these pictures will be cherished forever!

Not only is Chloe obviously driven, smart, and beautiful…but she is also a power lifter…and from my Crossfit history made me an immediate fan! We got to talk about our love for deadlifts, which isn’t a conversation you can have with very many people, let alone beautiful high school seniors majoring in biology! haha!

Here is a little sneak peek film slideshow of this gorgeous girl to get her family excited for her gallery to be posted ASAP!!

Meet Chloe Cozzocrea:

Music Licensed through Soundstripe. Artist: Aaron Sprinkle. Song Title: Walking Back

All photography by: Chelsea Adams Photo