Next Level Senior Photos: A Dog, A Classic Ford Bronco and an Epic View

I count myself pretty lucky I got to take this handsome guy’s senior photos this year. Not only is he a super nice kid, but his little brother was equally adorable, and his mom is one of my favorite humans. They brought their sweet puppy, Marlie and all my dreams came true when they showed up with their Classic Ford Bronco, CONVERTIBLE.

Ummm…yes, please!

Skyline area has some pretty incredible views and though it is hard to decide on a location for photos in Portland because there are just SO many good ones, this spot might be one of my very faves.

I was also excited they ordered the Legacy Film upgrade to the traditional senior photo package and I got to make a film of the photos with some video clips since I am kind of obsessed. He isn’t even MY senior, and I get a little weepy watching it. I guess I know how much moms love their kids and how hard it is for mom when they move on…even if it is for the best and all that…it is a major life change for everyone in the family!

Legacy Film and photos by Chelsea Adams Photography and Films. Music and Lyrics by Pink Zebra, vocals by Benji Jackson, licensed through Audio Jungle.

Here is a little sneak peek of some other pictures from Alex’s Senior Portrait Gallery:

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